Tai Chi originated in China and although originally practised as a martial art, and still is today, it has been developed into one of the most effective exercises for body and mind.

Although an art with great depth of knowledge and skill it can be easy to learn and soon delivers it's health benefits. For many it continues as a lifetime journey.

Almost anyone can learn Tai Chi it's inexpensive and can be practiced almost anywhere. The movements are slow and gentle and the degree of exertion can be easily adjusted making it suitable for people of all levels of ability. The health benefits of Tai Chi include:

* increased flexibility and muscle strength

* greater fitness

* better body posture

* integration of body, mind and spirit

* improved flow of Qi (life energy)

There is no requirement for special equipment and only needs to be practised in loose fitting clothes and flat soled shoes.

As part of each session you will begin with gentle warm up movements and finish with gentle cooling down movements. As your training develops we will vary the warm up and cooling down movements and introduce some Qigong exercises.

Qigong is another ancient Chinese practice that enhances health and relaxation. Qi is the life energy within you, flowing through specific channels called meridians. The concept of Qi is fundamental to traditional Chinese medicine. Practitioners claim that good health comes when your Qi is strong and harmonious. Qigong consists of special breathing exercises which is integrated with movement and meditation.

Tai Chi has incorporated Qigong as an integral part of it's practice. I hope you enjoy learning Tai Chi please be patient you will improve through time and regular practice. You should set a time each day for practice.