Freebird Tai Chi came into being at the end of 2014 the instructor is Jake (also known as Jimmy or James) Arnott.

Jake first started studying Tai Chi in 1989 doing a twelve week course covering the Yang short form which was followed by further study and practice of this form. He then studied the Yang long form for a year and a half.

Laterly Jake studied with Shiela Barbour of Golden Gate Tai Chi where he furthered his study of the Yang simplified 24 step form and was introduced to Sun style Tai Chi through studying Tai Chi for Health Institute forms which are based on Sun Style Tai Chi.

He has gone on to learn Sun 73 step competition form and at the end of 2014 undertook certification through the TCHI where he was certificated to train Tai Chi for Arthritis part1/falls prevention, Tai Chi for Arthritis part 2 and seated Tai Chi for Arthritis. He also delivers a short Tai Chi Fan form devised by Trevor Reynart of Crystall Tai Chi. Visit his site here

In addition to being a certified Tai Chi instructor Jake is also certificated to deliver Qigong training which is delivered as part of the training.

Along with the classes advertised on the site he delivers classes on behalf of Bannatynes in their Dunfermline Gym.

Jake looks forward to seeing you in class and if you decide to learn Tai Chi with a different instructor wishes you good luck with your studies.